Self Care this Holiday Season

Self Care this Holiday Season

Stress. Tension. Fear. Worry. Doubt. All feelings we have experienced throughout 2020. As we approach the holidays, we just wanted to send a reminder to take care of your bodies so they’ll take care of you.

From your diet to exercise routines to adjustments and massages, be mindful of what you’re doing to fuel your body to keep it as strong and healthy as possible. The holidays may look and feel different this year, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t feel your best.

Here are a few tips for this season:

  • Limit sweets – We know it’s hard, and it’s fun to indulge every now and then, but too much sugar can have negative effects on your body and mind.
  • Move, move, move – Exercise does wonders for body and mind. Get out and move as much as you can. Take family walks, park in the farthest parking spot at the market so you         have to walk further, and take the stairs whenever you can. Little movements add up.
  • Get adjusted – Don’t let aches and pains keep you from doing the other things you need to do to stay healthy. Give us a call and we’ll get you in for an adjustment.
  • Avoid Inflammatory Foods- When struggling with chronic pain, such as arthritis, it’s important to be mindful of your diet and how the foods you eat could be affecting your pain and inflammation.

The following 9 foods are known to increase the body’s inflammatory response:


Saturated fats

Trans fats (processed foods)

Omega 6 fatty acids (such as corn and peanut oils)

Refined carbohydrates



Aspartame (artificial sweetener)


  • Add more fresh fruits, vegetables, and omega-3s you’re consuming, and you may find some relief. 

Give us a call (479)751-8686 to book an appointment.  Otherwise, have an amazing holiday season.

Dr. Cindy

Beemer Back Center