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Whiplash & Injuries

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Whiplash: It’s more than a pain in the neck!

An automobile accident can be frightening, injurious, and costly, not only to our bank account but to our health as well.

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Crash Facts

  • Most injuries occur at crash speeds below 12mph
  • There is no correlation between vehicle damage and injury
  • 3,000,000 Americans suffer whiplash each year
  • Nearly half of all chronic neck pain in America is due to car crashes
  • Rear direction impact increases your risk for injury
  • Females are at a 2X greater risk than men for injury
Whiplash Injuries

What is it that bothers you?


Neck and shoulder pain


General body aches

Low back pain

Jaw/facial pain (TMJ)

Dizziness or blurred vision

Upper limb pain

Upper limb weakness

Sleep disturbances



Why Choose Beemer Back Center for all your Whiplash & Injuries?

  1. Dr. Beemer has experience in treating whiplash; she has treated literally thousands of whiplash victims.
  2. Doctors of Chiropractic have full diagnostic capability. Dr. Beemer can order any and all necessary diagnostic studies, including MRI’s.
  3. Dr. Beemer provides comprehensive care that may include spinal adjustments, physical therapy modalities, and exercise instructions. This type of treatment actually heals your body not just your symptoms. Drugs may ease your discomfort; they will not repair your damaged tissues and bone structure.
  4. Dr. Beemer has over 100 extra postgraduate training hours with experts and researchers in different fields of study including auto crash reconstruction.
  5. Many physicians seem to stop learning when they complete medical school. Dr. Beemer has remained on the cutting edge of her profession through countless hours of additional training and personal study.