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Thank you for visiting NWA/Beemer Back Center in Springdale AR! Dr. Tanner Coleman and Dr. Cathy Hollstrom bring a combined 25 years of experience to a practice that has been serving NWA for the past 34 years!

You’ve made the right choice in seeking chiropractic and we are ready to help!

Our chiropractic care is safe, effective, comfortable, and affordable. We will ensure that during your first visit we answer any questions you may have as well as get you on the right path towards pain relief.

Trust us to be your partners in health, and let’s embark together on a path to wellness and a brighter, pain-free future.

Dr. Coleman

Dr. Cathy

Gentle Chiropractic Care Serving the Residents of Northwest Arkansas

Discover the power of wellness-centric services that prioritize your unique journey to optimal health.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Laser Therapy

Radial Pulse Wave Therapy

Your Journey to Well-being


Initial Assessment

Comprehensive health assessment, covering medical history, symptoms, and posture analysis, ensuring effective understanding of individual needs.


Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Chiropractor crafts a precise diagnosis and tailors a plan with spinal adjustments, massage, exercises, and lifestyle advice based on the assessment.


Follow-up and Adjustments

Patients adhere to the plan, with the chiropractor making needed tweaks. Regular follow-ups monitor progress, adjust plans, and provide continuous health guidance.

What Others Are Saying

“Couldn’t walk, bend, or put on my own clothes. After visiting NWA/Beemer Back Center, a week later I feel better than I did 10 years ago. Y’all are amazing”

Jason H

“Beemer Back Center is the best! Dr. Coleman really listens to my concerns, is always attentive to my needs, and is very accommodating to my schedule.”

Carole B.

“Dr. Cathy has good instincts and healing hands.”

Judy J

NWA/Beemer Back CenterExcellentNWA/Beemer Back Center4.9 Based on 210 reviews fromSee all reviews review us on ★★★★★ Dr. Cathy is very pleasant and professional and really knows her craft. I always leave feeling much better. The staff at the front desk is super friendly and nice.Katerina Matthews ★★★★★ Really friendly staff and their rolling tables are awesome.Greg ★★★★★ Love this place! The front desk girls are super sweet and helpful and the dr is so amazing! Thank y’all!!!Penny Ponder ★★★★★ Dr. Cathy is amazing! She has treated me 6 times and every time I leave with no pain. She has allowed me to regain mobility and strength throughout the process. Thank you for what you have done for me!Rex Osbourn ★★★★★ Doctors are so caring and make sure they do whatever they can to get you feeling your best! Great place to go for all your chiropractic needs.Katlynn Matthews ★★★★★ Dr. Cathy is a life saver, give them a chance to win your business. Front desk, and both Docs are great as well. Usually it's one or the other. Highly recommend 👌!W. H. Fraine ★★★★★ I love this place! Helping get me back and maintain a healthy back & neck! Great staff and efficient appointments. Highly recommend.sophie weber ★★★★★ Dr. Coleman, Dr. Holstrom, & staff are so friendly! Both doctors do great work and work quickly also. They has walk-in appointments which also help meet my needs. Love this place and these people!Andrea Barnett ★★★★★ Everyone there is professional ,kind and friendly. They listen to every concern that you have and work with you to get you feeling great again.Robin Hagan ★★★★★ Dr. Cathy is wonderful! My 2nd appointment with her and I am thrilled. Try the red light therapy if you have carpal tunnel issues!Vicki Plowman ★★★★★ I have been going to Beemer Back Center for years and have had several different procedures by them. Cindy, Tanner and Cathy are all Great and truely care for their patients! Girls at the front desk are the Best and always are ready to help.Kangee ★★★★★ My first experience with Beemer back Center was amazing, just as every experience since! I found them on Google when I could not even walk I was in so much pain, my lower back was out severely. They got me walking again with multiple different treatments and I can’t thank them enough! This past week my back and neck have been giving me issues and I just had my second appointment and feel so much better! The staff is super friendly, and so are the doctors. I highly recommend Beemer back center!Jessika Roberts ★★★★☆ Very good service. You can get in at anytime. Nice people.Angelica Johnson ★★★★☆ Quick service and you can always get in during their normal hours. Friendly and they listen to you.D Johns ★★★★★ Had to go in for a tiny adjustment, and afterwards I feel amazing!Brooke Lockhart ★★★★★ Dr. Cathy has good instincts and healing hands.Judy Jansen ★★★★★ Precise, friendly care. If you need a chiropractor look no further!Teresa Adam ★★★★★ Great experience,and atmosphere they had me in and out in no time. I have felt great ever since my lower back adjustments.Donald Cooper ★★★★★ It had been a while since I came in. Been utilizing that facility under previous owner and the standards are comparableJacob Bumstead (Bum) ★★★★★ Beamer Back Center is the best! Dr. Coleman really listens to my concerns, is always attentive to my needs, and very accommodating to my schedule.Carol Blanchet (Pur et Simple) ★★★★★ Fantastic doctor & staff! Very easy to book appointments and never any wait time.Kristal Stewart ★★★★★ Is a wonderful placeEvaristo Ayala ★★★★★ The staff here is very personable and are quick to get you in and out and on your way! Everyone always has a smile, and I always feel better after I leave!Brandy January ★★★★★ ETA 10/23 - While we hated to lose Dr. Beemer she definitely earned her right to retirement! And while we were nervous about the new doctor taking over, Dr. Coleman and Dr. Mitchell have both provided excellent care and services. I still highly recommend this clinic!I love Dr. Beemer and her staff. She is always friendly, prompt, and extra accommodating. She also does walk-ins, which is extremely helpful sometimes. And certain times of the year she has Saturday hours. She's never pushed services we don't need or visits that aren't needed but does recommend things that are helpful. We've been using her services for about 15-16 years and have never been unhappy and have always left feeling better. She always knows exactly where my pain is before I tell her.ETA- Dr. Beemer also found an issue with my son's neck recently that was very serious and will require surgery (it was congenital - he was born with it). If she hadn't found the problem, it could have resulted in him being paralyzed. She got the x-rays needed and got him referred to a neurosurgeon right away. We are so thankful for her! She truly cares about her patients!Reina Gattino ★★★★★ You are in good hands with these people. The staff is very pleasant, and professional. They will get you back up and running in no time.Brad Foster ★★★★★ Beemer Back Center is the best!! Only one's I'll have working on my backMichelle Lawrence ★★★★★ Always an amazing experience at the Beemer Back Center!Jana Runge ★★★★★ Very professional and excellent service.Frank Blake ★★★★★ 10+/10 Highly Recommend!!!Leslie A Tabor ★★★★★ Couldn’t walk, bend,or put on my own clothes and week later feeling better than 10 years ago. Y’all r amazingJason Harter ★★★★★ Dr. Coleman and his crew are amazing! I am so appreciative of the service I get on each visit. Absolutely top notch!Mike Webb WG5EEK ★★★★★ It's been years since I have felt this good . Thank you do much. I give them 10 stars!!!Lafonda Williams ★★★★★ First time to visit this facility. They were able to see me right away. Very professional atmosphere from the doctors and support staff.Ronnie Rothwell ★★★★★ I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tanner Coleman for your chiropractic needs. I am shocked at how much pain relief I have experienced since I began regular adjustments.julie mars ★★★★★ I came to Dr. Cooper when I had sudden hip and back pain six weeks before a long planned international trip. He assured me I would be able to go and he was right. I had a great trip, no problems with pain or walking and my back was still in good shape when I got home. Dr. Cooper and his staff are friendly and positive and will help you with any issues you are having with your back.Craig Larson ★★★★★ Staff here is amazing, in and out service and always smiles on faces. I wish there were more than five stars.Jesse Sauerbry ★★★★★ Dr took the time to listen and then took the time to explain process.linda ★★★★☆ Great staff!! I always can get in and out in less than 10 minutes. Both my children go regularly (2 under 2 years old) and I always can tell a major difference once we get home. I also love the rolling tables.Leslie Redmon ★★★★★ Dr. Coleman is great and is doing an excellent job as the new practice owner. My adjustment was great. I certainly enjoyed my visit with him and his staff a few weeks ago. Highly recommend!Mike Israel ★★★★★ Always smiling and I always leave feeling better and smiling.annett mcabee ★★★★★ Always excellent service from the staff, Doctor very knowledgeable and fixes you right up.Ben Suddathjs_loader
NWA/Beemer Back Center

Your well-being is our top priority

At NWA/Beemer Back Center, we believe in the transformative power of chiropractic care to bring balance and vitality back into your life. Our dedicated team of experienced chiropractors are committed to guiding you on a journey towards optimal health and a pain-free life.